Good Japanese Makeup Brush Sets

Good Japanese Makeup Brush Set recommendations

While Japanese Makeup brushes are almost always high quality and come in many variations, it may be daunting to begin the search for good Japanese makeup brush set. I previously wrote a blog article on the good makeup brush brands both American and Japanese. I explained at the end of the blog that Japanese manufacturers…

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Best makeup brush brands

Best Makeup Brands title

If there is one thing I have learned from researching about professional Japanese makeup brushes, such as Chikuhodo or Koyudo it is this: every woman deserves to apply their makeup with a good makeup brush from the best makeup brush brands. This is to ensure that our hands do not soil the expensive makeup which…

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Geisha and Maiko Makeup

Geisha in traditional Kimono looking back in kyoto street

Geisha “芸者” also known as Geiko “芸妓”, while often misunderstood, embody a very traditional side of Japanese culture. I am assuming that if you are currently reading this blog, you are already aware of a few things. Geisha are essentially entertainers and master of many arts, not prostitutes. Becoming a geisha requires years of training…

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Japanese Ceremony Makeup Culture & Tips

ceremony makeup thumbnail

Japan is a very ceremonial and ritualistic society with many different customs pertaining to each ceremony and ritual, including makeup. Japan combines elements from many different religions and cultures to create something which is belonging entirely to the Japanese. For example, Japanese weddings might have a Shinto ceremony but a Western reception. Or Japanese school…

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