2017 Bestsellers: Japanese High-quality Makeup Brushes

2017 Bestsellers: Japanese High-quality Makeup Brushes thumbnail image

Happy new year, fude lovers! If your new year’s resolution includes investing in new brushes or brush set, Here are the roundup review of the bestselling makeup brushes & set in 2017 at A-Janaika Japan. It will help you choose from the highest rated brushes.

In this article, you will find all the best selling brushes ranked on A-Janaika Japan sales from 2017, as well as why they made it to the list and reviews from customers.

Chikuhodo’s Z-series seems to have won fude lover’s choice award in 2017, since the over half of the brushes ranked here are from Z series, one of the highest class makeup brush line from Chikuhodo.

The 2017’s bestselling Japanese makeup brushes from Chikuhodo & Koyudo

#9 Chikuhodo Z-9 Powder Brush, Z Series – $143

Chikuhodo Z-9 Powder brush $143
Chikuhodo Z-9 Powder brush $143

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This large powder brush is made of high-end grey squirrel hair. With the Z-9, you won’t feel the brush bristle but it is more like a heavenly sensation on the face. The bristle is rounded, slightly flat and 52mm in length, and 55mm in thickness.
Its slightly flat end of bristle will let you flawlessly sweep and pat, and it excels at pressing the powder because of the shape. Also, the brush bristle

Usage: Setting powder, bronzer, blending

#8 Koyudo CW-07 Powder & Cheek Brush Round – $30

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CW series is one of the latest addition to Koyudo’s regular series in 2017. The series features stylish minimal design and uses Saikoho/Sokoho goat hair and a long handle with classic black gloss lacquer finish and golden “晃祐堂” Koyudo logo. Koyudo’s CW series offers a line of affordable yet good quality makeup brushes. CW-07 bristle is rounded, 31mm in length, and 28mm in thickness.


Koyudo’s new CW series offers affordable brushes with natural Goat hair and classic design.





Usage: Blush, Powder, cheek.

#7 Chikuhodo T-7 Eyeshadow Brush, Medium, Takumi Series – $21

Chikuhodo T-7 Eyeshadow Brush

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A very versatile medium sized eyeshadow brush with white, natural Saikoho goat bristle. Its short handle and light weight let you easily work on detail with ease, and its extremely soft and natural hair will give you comfort over time.
The bristle is relatively small with only 14mm in length and 10mm in width. T-7 Bristle is round flat with round edges, perfect shape for precise application.

Usage: Eyeshadow (powder type), blending, eyelid, crease.

affordable Japanese makeup brushes by type

If you’d like to find out the best yet affordable brushes made in Japan check out the link below!


#6 Chikuhodo Z-2 Highlight Brush, Z Series – $29

Chikuhodo_z-2_highlight brush
Z-series uses the softest, fluffy natural hair for the bristle.

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One of the softest, the most luxurious brush from the Z-series. It uses grey squirrel hair for soft, feathery feel upon your skin. Its tapered tip is great for precise, detail work such as highlighting thin line on the bridge of your nose, applying the product exactly on the spot.
Smaller brush as a powder brush, it may take a few extra strokes to cover your face.
Its fluffy bristle is 40mm in length and 25mm in width.

Usage: Highlighting, contouring, finishing, blush, setting powder,

#5 Koyudo fu-pa02 Foundation Brush, fu-pa Series Black – $38

Koyudo Fu-pa02 foundation brush
Koyudo Fu-pa02 foundation brush

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Foundation brush from Koyudo’s popular “Fu-pa” series. Fu-pa02 has white goat “Hokutotsuho” hair and short, a black handle for quick application. It has flat, paddle-type bristle shape and the flat tip of the brush. Fu-pa02 is super soft yet densely packed. The bristle length is 27mm.

Usage: Powder Foundation, mineral foundation, blending

#4 Chikuhodo Z-4 Cheek/Highlight Brush, Z Series – $57

Z-4 Cheek/Highlight Brush, Z Series
Z-4 Cheek/Highlight Brush, Z Series

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A medium-sized blush brush made out of Grey squirrel. It has a domed edge and tapered bristles. The loosely packed natural hair create an exceptional softness of the brush. Z-4 will make it just a pure joy to apply gentle, soft layering of the color! An ideal brush for finishing your natural, healthy look with a brighter cheek.
The bristle is 35mm in length and 28mm wide. It is not fully packed

Usage: highlighting, blush, soft layering of color

If you’d like to know more about the hometown of Japanese makeup brushes, Kumano, check out our article about Kumano and Kumano fude here. 


#3 Koyudo BP014 Foundation Brush, BP High-Class Series – $29

Koyudo BP014 Foundation Brush, BP High Class Series
Koyudo BP014 Foundation Brush, BP High-Class Series

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This foundation brush has angled bristle, with the longer side offering flexible, soft touch perfect for blending, and shorter firmer side is dense yet soft, perfect for applying the foundation firmly on the skin.

Usage: powder foundation,  foundation, cream sculpting

#2 Chikuhodo Z-5 Eyeshadow Brush, Z Series – $35

Chikuhodo Z-5 Eyeshadow Brush
Chikuhodo Z-5 Eyeshadow Brush

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About one size bigger than the Z-10 Eyeshadow brush, Z-5 is made entirely of grey squirrel hair. Its rather large bristle can diffuse the color effortlessly, and with Z-5 you can recreate a gorgeous smokey eye with ease. It picks up a good amount of product, so it can also be used for Setting powder underneath the eye.
The bristle is 16mm in length, 19mm wide and 6mm in thickness.

Usage: Eyeshadow, blending,

#1 Chikuhodo Z-10 Eyeshadow Brush – $28

Chikuhodo Z-10 Eyeshadow Brush
Chikuhodo Z-10 Eyeshadow Brush

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The best selling makeup brush of 2017, Z-10 is made of 100% high-quality natural grey squirrel hair. The bristle is densely packed, and its pointed tip delivers result flawlessly every time. Smaller than Z-5 Eyeshadow brush, It excels at precisely applying color on a small area: eyelid, crease, inner tear duct, and inner eyelid. With Z-10’s tapered, almost pencil-like brush head, you have excellent control of the powder to draw delicate expressions. It comes with shorter than the average handle.
The bristle is 11mm in length, 5mm wide and 5mm in thickness.

Usage: Eyeshadow, crease color, blending, inner lid

The Bestselling makeup brush set in 2017

If you are new to Japanese makeup brushes or makeup brushes in general If you are thinking about kick-starting your collection of high-quality Japanese brushes, why not choose a ready-made set from established manufacturers? Here are top 3 best-selling brush set from 2017.

#3 Koyudo Pure 4-Brush Set with Zippered Case – $137

Koyudo Pure 4-Brush Set with Zippered Case
Koyudo Pure 4-Brush Set with Zippered Case

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A starter set for Koyudo brushes! It includes 4 essential makeup brushes

  • Powder brush
  • Liquid foundation brush
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Retractable lip brush

#2 Chikuhodo Passion series Brush Set – $220

Chikuhodo Passion series Brush SET
Chikuhodo Passion series Brush SET

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This comprehensive set includes all of the Chikuhodo’s Passion series brushes. Brushes are made of Sokoho goat, weasel, and water badger hair. Its come with an elegant matching pink case.

Chikuhodo Passion series comprehensive set with pouch
Chikuhodo Passion series comprehensive set with pouch


This set consists of:

  • PS-1 Powder brush
  • PS-2 Cheek brush
  • PS-3 Highlight brush
  • PS-4 Eyeshadow brush
  • PS-5 Eyebrow brush
  • PS-6 Edge brush
  • PS-7 Lip brush
  • C-PS Makeup brush Case Pink

#1 Chikuhodo Z Series 8-Piece Makeup Brush Set – $613

Chikuhodo Z Series 8-Piece Makeup Brush Set
Chikuhodo Z Series 8-Piece Makeup Brush Set

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The ultimate makeup brush set that contains all the main brushes from Z-series. It comes with matching storage bag and box.

Chikuhodo Z-Series set with 8 brushes and pouch.
Chikuhodo Z-Series set with 8 brushes and pouch.


This set consists of:

  • Z-1 Powder brush
  • Z-8 Cheek brush
  • Z-4 Cheek/Highlight brush
  • Z-2 Highlight brush
  • Z-3 Contour brush
  • Z-5 Eyeshadow brush
  • Z-6 Eyebrow brush
  • Z-7 Lip brush
  • Makeup brush bag Black

Thank you so much for all your support in 2017, and We hope to serve you again this year!

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