6 Common Beauty & Makeup Problems + How to Solve Them

6 Common Beauty & Makeup problem and How to solve them

Makeup can mean a lot of things to different people—for some, it’s a symbol of feminine beauty; for others, it’s a way to express creativity using the face as a natural palette. Whatever the reason for using it, makeup is a great way to boost self-confidence and highlight one’s best features.

Tools like makeup brushes, sponges, and powder puffs can help make applying makeup easier and more accurate. However, it can be difficult to get great results if you aren’t using the best tools available and the proper techniques for the right job. Read on for six common makeup problems, how best to combat them, and the Chikuhodo brushes best suited to help you out.

6 Pesky Beauty Issues & How to Fix Them

1. Dark Spots, Blemishes, Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone can be an issue of both nature and nurture. Some things are difficult for us to control, such as naturally dry skin that can lead to cracking or hormonal issues that can cause blemishes. The amount of melanin, the natural pigment in our skin that protects us from the sun, can also create patches of darks spots or white spots called “hyperpigmentation”. Stress, sunlight, wind, and even pollution are environmental factors that can combine to cause redness and blotchiness or make your skin more uneven over time.


To combat uneven skin tone, a moisturizer followed by a foundation primer can help to smooth the skin and make the surface more even, while a color corrector can help cancel out uneven skin tones. For example, green-tinted concealers can help cancel out redness, pink-tinted concealers can cancel out dark under-eye circles for those with fair skin, and yellow-tinted concealers can do the same for those with more tan or olive-colored skin.

Recommended Brushes: Chikuhodo RR-Series, RR-LQ4  & RR-LQ3

The Chikuhodo RR-Series of liquid brushes are perfect for liquid foundation application. The RR-LQ4 and RR-LQ3 brushes both have soft nylon bristles that won’t irritate the skin and which come in two distinct shapes to suit the level of detail you need for touching up.

Chikuhodo RR-LQ4 Liquid brushChikuhodo RR-LQ4

For general foundation application, the RR-LQ4 has a flatter shape for easier makeup blending that allows for quicker and easier makeup application and uses less foundation overall.


Chikuhodo RR LQ3 Liquid BrushChikuhodo RR-LQ3

The RR-LQ3 has a contoured tip allowing for maximal coverage, and will help you blend effortlessly around the nose and even in those difficult areas such as around the inner corners of the eyes.

Usage Tips

How to solve Dark spots & uneven skin problem
How to solve Dark spots & uneven skin problem with RR-LQ series brushes

After priming and color correction, apply a liquid foundation using a foundation brush. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of liquid foundation (around one pump) onto the back of your hand and use the Chikuhodo foundation brush of your choice to dab foundation on the chin, cheeks, middle of the forehead and nose. Starting from the chin, blend with a light circular motion moving upward from chin to cheeks, nose, and forehead.


  1. Sensitive Skin

Those with sensitive skin may react to natural brushes, which are made with animal hair that’s more prone to trapping dirt and oil and may cause allergic reactions in some people.


If you fall into this category, then you may want to consider switching to a synthetic brush.

Recommended Brush: Chikuhodo AF-2

Chikuhodo AF-2Chikuhodo AF-2 Foundation Brush

The Chikuhodo AF-2 foundation brush made from 100% plant fiber. This large, dense foundation brush is great for applying product all over the face and blending foundation for a natural, non-blotchy look. Unlike other synthetic brushes, the AF-2 is made of extremely soft materials to replicate the touch of the softest Chikuhodo animal fur brush, and even contains a synthetic cuticle surface that helps it to pick up more product than other manufacturer’s synthetic brushes.

Usage Tips

How-to tips for best Foundation brush use
Makeup tips: How to take care of sensitive skin

Use the Chikuhodo AF-2 brush apply foundation with a quick dabbing motion using a light touch and gentle buffing. Work your way out from the center of your face to the hairline, then repeat, moving inwards.

  1. Makeup Doesn’t Last, Becomes Oily or Blotchy

The reasons makeup doesn’t last, or becomes oily or blotchy can be caused by different reasons, depending on if you have normal to oily skin, or dry skin.

Solution: Normal – Oily Skin

Recommended Brush: Chikuhodo Z-1

Chikuhodo Z-1Chikuhodo Z-1

The Chikuhodo Z-1 is perfect for applying loose powder to complete a pristine look. This pro tool’s natural bristles are made with densely packed gray squirrel fur that has an extremely soft texture and is excellent at picking up powder makeup.

Solution: Dry, Flaky Skin

Recommended Brush: Chikuhodo R-LQ1

Chikuhodo R-LQ1Chikuhodo R-LQ1

A creamy liquid foundation applied with a flat, round liquid brush like the R-LQ1 will help make sure your makeup stays put. The brush shape applies liquid foundation quickly while using up less product, and has a soft texture that smoothly and gently glides over the skin.

Usage Tips

How to effectively use Z-1 and R-LQ brushes
Chikuhodo Z-1

Use the brush tip to pick up loose powder, tapping off any excess, and apply to the T-zone (forehead, on and around the nose, and chin) working outward towards the hairline. The large rounded brush tip softly applies setting and finishing powder without concentrating it in once place for a natural finish with a healthy glow.

Chikuhodo R-LQ1

Apply using small strokes for light coverage or a soft dabbing motion for more coverage.


  1. Undefined Eyebrows

Well-defined eyebrows help to instantly shape a face, lift other facial features, and make your overall appearance stand out more. But not everyone has naturally full or well-shaped eyebrows, most of us need a little help!


If you feel your eyebrows are too thin or lack a well-defined shape, using an eyebrow brush and shadow can help fill in your brows and add definition.

Recommended Brush: Chikuhodo T-9

Chikuhodo T-9Chikuhodo T-9

The Chikuhodo T-9 brush uses stiff natural badger hair and has an angled shape that’s perfect for defining the curve of the eyebrow arch. The brush size is larger than other manufacturer’s eyebrow brushes, making it very easy to control.

Usage Tips

How to define your eyebrow
How to define your eyebrow with T-9 Eyebrow Brush

Starting at the inner edge of the brow, apply a color two shades lighter than your current hair color, using short strokes to imitate the natural appearance of individual hairs. Follow the shape of your brow so that the arch aligns with the outer edge of the iris and the eyebrow line ends at the same place as the brow bone to prevent a droopy eye shape.


  1. Cheekbones Lack Definition

Well-defined cheekbones are highly sought after, as they create an overall striking appearance for a face. Besides relying on genetics, cheekbone contouring can help to enhance your natural shape and emphasize facial features, while creating a healthy, sun-kissed look.


Use a blush or bronzer with an appropriate brush to instantly add highlights and definition to cheekbones.

Recommended Brush: Chikuhodo G-2

Chikuhodo G-2Chikuhodo G-2

The Chikuhodo G-2 cheekbone and highlighter brush makes contouring easy, creating subtly defined cheekbones that still have a natural look. Made with a natural blend of gray squirrel and goat fur, the angled shape of the dense bristles fit perfectly to the cheekbone and offer a firm but delicate touch for easy sculpting and shaping.

Usage Tips

Highlighting Cheekbones - Cheek Brush
Makeup tips for Highlighting Cheekbones with Chikuhodo Brush

Apply bronzer just under the cheekbone to accent your natural face shape and blush directly on top of the cheekbone to balance out the darker color of the bronzer. Soft pink and peach-colored blushes work best for those with fairer skin, while those with darker skin tones can spring for bolder pinks and corals. Using short strokes, blend the bronzer and blush outward towards the ears.


  1. Eyes Lack Definition

You may be after a natural daytime look, with eye makeup that subtly stands out, for a well put-together and professional look. Or, you maybe looking for a more dramatic nighttime accent to your eyes, to make a statement. Other times, it’s everything in between.


Use a combination of four essential eye makeup brushes to effortlessly create a variety of looks.

Recommended Brushes: Z-5, T-8, R-SL2 & GSN-10

Chikuhodo offers four essential eye brushes to help perfect your look.

All-over application brush: Chikuhodo Z-5

Chikuhodo Z-5 Eye Shadow BrushChikuhodo Z-5

The Chikuhodo Z-5 is a great all-over brush made with dense natural fur.

Crease brush: Chikuhodo T-8

Chikuhodo T-8 Eye Shadow BrushChikuhodo T-8

The soft texture of the natural fur and pointed brush tip are perfect for blending eyeshadow into the crease of the eyelid.

Smudge brush: Chikuhodo R-SL2

Chikuhodo R-SL2Chikuhodo R-SL2

The Chikuhodo R-SL2 eye brush is ideal for smoking out harsh lines. The brush has a short, flat shape and dense natural bristles for optimal precision.

Blending brush: Chikuhodo GSN-10

Chikuhodo GSN-10Chikuhodo GSN-10

Create a smooth graduated color across your eyelid using a blending brush like the Chikuhodo GSN-10. This fluffy domed brush is less dense, for easier blending.

Usage Tips

Make Eyes Stand Out! How to effectively use various eye brush
Makeup tips: How to effectively use various Eye brushes

Starting with your lightest eyeshadow color, tap off any excess shadow from the brush tip, and then lay down your base color from the inner corner of the eye, blending across the lid. Gently dab on layers of colored eyeshadow over your base, using small patting motions to really press the color in and prevent loose pigment from falling onto the face.

After your main colors are applied, use the Chikuhodo T-8 crease brush to help define the natural shape of the eyes with a darker shade. Next, apply eyeliner or a dark shadow to your lash line, using a smudge brush like the

Start from the outer corner of your eye and work inward, sweeping back and forth over both the lid and crease to blend all colors together and smooth away any hard edges.

Chikuhodo offers the perfect selection of high-quality natural and synthetic makeup brushes to suit your every makeup need. Create a flawless look with these expert tools that are easy to handle for beginners, and precise enough for the pros.

Beat Common Makeup Issues So You Can Step out in Style

Makeup can be a part of one’s grooming routine to create a more professional look, or to temporarily change one’s look to express different styles and personalities. It is also a very useful tool to overcome common beauty issues, such as those listed above. Using the right makeup brushes is essential to easily and effectively achieve your desired results, and Chikuhodo’s luxurious range of high-quality makeup brushes are just the thing. Browse A-Janaika Japan’s full listing of Chikuhodo’s brushes.

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