Affordable Japanese Makeup Brushes by Type

affordable Japanese makeup brushes by type

Are you new to the Japanese makeup brush? Or do you already have your own makeup brush and on your way to building your brush heaven but on a budget? Fear not. Brush workshop has an entry model that is easy to use and easy on your budget as well.

While the word “Affordable” has quite relative meaning when it comes to makeup brush, I have chosen the most affordable brushes that do not threaten your monthly budget while has retained high Japanese quality standard.

Below, we have selected the best affordable Japanese brushes and fude by brush type from their makeup brush collection.

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Powder Makeup Brush

Koyudo H014 Powder & Blush Brush

Koyudo H014 Powder & Blush Brush
Koyudo’s Heart shaped pink Powder & Blush Brush


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Unmistakenbly recognizable shaped brush from Koyudo. Koyudo is known for developing popular, colorful brushes with true material and skills of Japanese artisan.

Chikuhodo RR-P3 Powder Brush

$34 – SOKOHO Goat Hair

Chikuhodo RR-P3 with dyed, full Sokoho goat hair bristle

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Versatile powder brush that can be used for setting powders, illuminators, bronzers, highlighters, and blushes. Great first step to add to your arsenal of brushes.

Highlight Makeup Brush

Koyudo AG003 Cheek/Highlighting Brush

Koyudo AG003 Brush’s slanted bristle will make applying cheek easier than ever.

$20 – GOAT

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An ideal entry model for future brush enthusiast. This versatile brush can be used for both cheeks and highlight. Use its slanted bristle to precisely control your makeup application with ease.

Chikuhodo PS-3 Highlight Brush

Highlighting brush from Chikuhodo’s Passion series. Its bright Pink handle has bright charm.


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There is one other highlighting brush from Chikuhodo, the RR-H2 Brush at $21, but the PS-3 brush has less elasticity and gives more natural glow with the highlighter.


Cheek Makeup Brush

Chikuhodo RR-C4 Cheek Brush


Chikuhodo RR-C4 Cheek Brush, RR-Series
Chikuhodo RR-C4 Cheek brush has round flat shape.

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Candle-shaped bristle that delivers soft, airy touch to your cheek. Its flat and round shape are best to deliver a natural, beautiful result every time.


Liquid Makeup Brush

Chikuhodo G-10 Liquid brush

$23 – GOAT

G-10 Liquid foundation brush from Chikuhodo’s G-series

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As we’ve covered in THIS POST ALL ABOUT FOUNDATION, makeup brush excels at handling liquid foundation. You can use considerably less amount of product and get the better look!


Foundation Makeup Brush

Chikuhodo PF-3 Puff Brush


PF-3 Powder/Cheek/Puff Foundation brush, from Chikuhodo

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A smaller version of the gorgeous PF-1 puff brush, it retains the same hair quality in its small bristle. Dense, round bristle will cover every part of your face with its soft touch.


Concealer Makeup Brush

Chikuhodo RR-CO1 Concealer Brush

$17 – TANUKI, the Japanese raccoon

Gently tap on your small stain or blemishes with this concealer RR-CO1 concealer Brush.

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This small, rounded concealer brush can cover up any stain or blemishes with ease and amazing precision. It can also be used as a middle-sized eye-shadow brush!


Contour Makeup Brush

Chikuhodo Z-3 Contour Brush


Chikuhodo Z-3 Countour Brush, Z Series
Contour brush from Chikuhodo’s popular Z-Series!

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From the Z-Series, the most popular series of Chikuhodo. The flat, densely packed bristle of this contour brush will make contouring easier than ever. Designed by the master brush maker, Tesshu Takemori, the founder of CHIKUHODO.


Eye-shadow Makeup Brush

Chikuhodo RR-S2 Eye Shadow brush L

R-S2 Large Eyeshadow brush from the Regular series of Chikuhodo

$10 – HORSE

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Chikuhodo RR-S3 Eye Shadow brush S

R-S3 Eyeshadow brush from the Regular series of Chikuhodo
R-S3 Small Eyeshadow brush from the Regular series of Chikuhodo

$9 – HORSE

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These eyeshadow brushes are dedicated to easy, smooth application of the eyeshadow. S3 is for detail and fine layering since it is smaller in size; Chikuhodo RR-S3 has bristle size of 9mm, while RR-S2 measure up to 16mm. Both brushes are made of horse hair for resilient but soft bristle, perfect for even application and natural layering for eyeshadow.


Eyebrow Makeup Brush

Chikuhodo GSN-13 Eyebrow Brush

$16 – Nylon/Badger

Slanted, Mix haired GSN-10 Eyebrow brush from Chikuhodo

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Combining resilient Badger hair and nylon, this brush can color your eyebrow precisely and clearly. With its slanted bristle, It is easy to draw a perfect brow effortlessly.


Shadow-liner Makeup Brush

Chikuhodo RR-SL3 Eye-Liner Brush


Chikuhodo RR-SL Eyeliner brush

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This small eyeliner brush is dense despite its size, and the bristle is just long enough to give you perfect control to draw a flawless line. 


Screw Makeup Brush

Chikuhodo GSN-14 Screw Brush


GSN-14 Chikuhodo Screw brush with All-Natural hair

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All-Natural hair works well with your eyebrow and blurs the edges for the natural finish. Works flawlessly to remove excessive Mascara from your eyelash.


Brush & comb Makeup Brush

Chikuhodo RR-B2 Brush & Comb

Chikuhodo RR-B2 Brush & Comb, RR-Series
Chikuhodo RR-B2 Brush & Comb for taking care of your eyebrow


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This two-sided brush has the strong resilience to blend the edge of your brow and create the perfect look!


Lip Makeup Brush

Chikuhodo NL-12 Lip Brush

$15 – WEASEL

Chikuhodo NL-12 Portable Lip brush with a stylish black handle

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If you live a social life, there are many occasion where you have to re-apply your makeup a little, especially your lip. This sleek, stylish black lip brush will help your lips to look flawless once again. It comes with a cap so you can put it in your bag without worrying about damaging the brush.


Face wash/Foam Makeup Brush

Chikuhodo FA-5 Washing Brush

$34 – GOAT

Chikuhodo FA-5 Washing Brush
Chikuhodo FA-5 Washing Brush with its heavenly white bristle

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With the price tag over $30, this may look like a big and perhaps unnecessary investment, but Face Wash brush is actually one of the best brush from the Makeup brush family. It takes care of your facial skin, and build the base for all the makeup that comes after it.
It can make a very fine bubble that washes away all the cause of troublesome skin irritation…


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I hope you find the list above helpful, and if there’s any topic that you’d like to see covered here, post it in the comment below or email me at!

Written by Hiro Kano
updated: August 20, 2018

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