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If there is one thing I have learned from researching about professional Japanese makeup brushes, such as Chikuhodo or Koyudo it is this: every woman deserves to apply their makeup with a good makeup brush from the best makeup brush brands. This is to ensure that our hands do not soil the expensive makeup which we have gone through great pains to purchase as well as to make sure that our pores do not get unnecessarily clogged from dirty blenders. We want to take care of our skin and by using brushes, this gently exfoliates the skin which keeps our skin healthy therefore radiant.

The problem with makeup brushes and makeup brush brands is that it is a very competitive market and hard to tell what is the best for our skin, our needs, and also our wallets! That’s why we at A-Janaika Japan have composited this helpful guide of the best makeup brush brand recommendations. We have picked the best professional, cheap, high quality, eye, and set brushes for you to explore. Of course take this with a grain of salt, because someone’s “best” might be the “worst” of another person. Nonetheless, we are recommending brush brands which have some hope of pleasing you. We hope that you are able to trust our opinions and opt for one of these best brush brand recommendations.

(1) Professional Makeup brush


Artis is the splurge of your makeup collection, but many sites argue that this buy is worth it. It is a designer makeup brush brand. Artis is the Latin word for skill, character and that is what one needs to utilize the sheer power of these tools. Artis brushes are a little different than traditional makeup brushes. They look like toothbrushes rather than paint brushes but this is because Artis brushes are packed with three to ten times more fibers than normal brushes which allow for a smoother application of makeup. The fibers have some shape memory so, with use, the brush will not fray easily but stay tight allowing for blendability on a microscopic level. This is a highly engineered brush with a price to match.

(2) Cheap Makeup brush

Real Techniques

Real Techniques is continuously reviewed as being a very good quality yet, outstandingly cheap makeup brush brand. This makeup brush brand was created by two sisters from London who are passionate about beauty and posting makeup videos on youtube! Their channel Pixiwoo helped to launch this company which is now one of the leading, affordable makeup brush companies that we know of.

Because taking care of your skin before and after makeup application is important for preserving skin as you age, Real Techniques also provides a professional grade but extremely affordable “Prep and Prime Set” for those young students with tight budgets but a passion for taking care of the health of their skin (like myself)!


Real Techniques Prep and Prime Set

  • Prep Brush: Firm bristles for moisturizers, serums, primers, anything you use before your makeup.
  • Dry Facial Brush: This brush is for exfoliating
  • Under Eye Reviver: Aluminum ball for cooling under eye massages
  • Lip Exfoliator Brush: use with lip balm or lip scrub to exfoliate and smooth your lips

Real Techniques Cruelty-Free Powder Brush (11 USD on Amazon)

  • Self Standing base and one hundred percent synthetic hair for cruelty-free brush

These brushes are perfect because not only are they cheap but professional quality, many of Real Techniques products are cruelty-free which are appealing to young students who have passionate views about taking care of the environment and animals. All the essential components are covered with this brush and brush company.

(3)High quality

Tom Ford

Tom Ford started his career in the beauty industry at GUCCI and after spending 10 years there, he launched his self-titled brand in 2005. The brand started with sunglasses but quickly expanded to beauty cosmetics and fashion.

Tom Ford wanted to redefine high fashion and luxury, and nothing says luxury like the high price of these makeup brushes. But rest assured, if all you have ever wanted is a luxury brush then Tom Ford’s brushes will not disappoint because from several reviews we read, we know that these brushes are densely packed, easily washable and stain proof, luxuriously packaged and lovingly soft.

Although we are now able to achieve such high quality without the high price, this might not be the brush we would recommend to all of our users. But, these brushes are high quality, made in Japan of all places, and will not disappoint you. An added plus is the high status insignia of “Tom Ford”  on the side of the handle so if nothing else, you will be branded as a customer of Tom Ford which in itself is a luxury.

(4)Eye brushes

Morphe has a monopoly on the best eye brushes in the market. They have been reviewed by Glamour, Cosmopolitan, the Odyssey, the list of praise for this brand is endless. They are affordable, fun, soft, versatile, and have complete eye makeup palettes to accompany your eye brush choice. Morphe is worth consideration.

m124 Firm Shadow Brush

Morphe Eye Slay Brush Collection
Six brushes for any kind of eye makeup you want to create throughout the day. The case is included.
Brushes included crease fluff brush, deluxe blender brush, oval shadow brush, flat concealer brush, pencil crease brush, and bent liner brush.

As an extra note, this brand also has a vegan makeup brush set which has high reviews on amazon and is noted for the affordable luxury (Not to mention they are bright pink and cute!)

Morphe 10 Piece Vegan Brush Set (Set 680) 

(5) Set Brush

Sephora and BS Mall

To choose the best set brush is quite difficult because each brand has a specialization. When providing a makeup brush set, some of this specialization is compensated to incorporate a theme around the brush set. So for a brand to have sets of all varieties such as an affordable, professional, high-quality set is valuable to customers but difficult to come by especially in the affordability department. That’s why for this section, we have chosen to highlight Sephora and BS Mall, which we believe encompass many of these aspects. They have a broad range of products from complete collections, to limited editions, to smaller less expensive sets to choose from. In their online store, there are often sales. The high traffic volume to this brand helps to ensure the quality of the products.


Sephora Ready to Roll Set:
A good set for everyday use, on the go and inexpensive for the number of brushes in the set

Limited Edition Set: Sephora Glitter Product

Clever Devil Brush Set


On multiple blogs I read that BS Mall despite the inexpensive prices has not compensated for quality! There is no point in paying a lot of money when one can buy great sets such as these from BS Mall, which also ensure cruelty-free brushes in many of their sets.

The company was founded in 2014, and even answers the question themselves “Why low price but high quality” on their website. It’s no secret that this is a steal and you are denying yourself of a great makeup brush set if you avoid these products!

BS-MALL New 14 Pcs Makeup Brushes Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set Cosmetics

BS-MALL (™) 14 PCS Premium Synthetic Makeup Brush Set
One of the most highly rated makeup brush sets on Amazon in the United States

(6) Why Japanese makeup brushes are a great choice

After reading about these makeup brush brands, you might have realized that we did not address any Japanese makeup brush brands. This is because we believe that Japanese brush brands such as Chikuhodo and Koyudo encompass a majority of these criteria. Chikuhodo and Koyudo are extremely unique in the sense that they have a series which change drastically depending on the target customer. For example, Chikuhodo has very high quality, professional series such as Takumi T series but they also have affordable (while maintaining quality) series such as Chikuhodo Regular Series. Chikuhodo also has a plethora of eye brushes in both sets and available for individual purchase. Finally, for those who want something with a unique touch, there is the Chikuhodo Passion P Series in a fabulous passion pink and a Japonesque Maki-e powder brush available.

Koyudo is very similar in the sense there is something for everyone while maintaining a high quality. For example, the heart-shaped Koyudo brush is quite appealing to customers who would like something unique but there is no doubt that the quality of the handmade brush is maintained.

Finally, one of the beautiful aspects of these Kumano fude Japanese makeup brush brands such as Koyudo or Chikuhodo is that they are handmade brushes with rich histories. The designers never ignore this vital aspect of the brush experience—just as you spend each morning applying your makeup tirelessly, the manufacturers of the brush in your hand pay the same, or even more care into inserting each small hair fiber into the correct position for you, their customers.

Please refer to our ultimate guide to the Chikuhodo and Koyudo makeup brushes. There is something for everyone with the high-quality guarantee of Japanese manufacturers.


Ultimate Guide to Chikuhodo makeup brush series



Something I realized by writing this blog is that although there will always be high quality luxury brands with high prices such as Tom Ford, the majority of these brushes are affordable—even for a college student such as myself with almost no extra money to speak of! This means that quality no longer must be compensated and the average woman can create their ideal makeup brush set without going out of her means. Makeup brush brands have improved exponentially and will hopefully continue to consider the average woman’s needs. In the future hopefully we will get more vegan, cruelty free, and portable makeup brushes to choose from. As for myself, I will consider purchasing a set by Real Techniques as well as Sephora or BS Mall! Japanese makeup brushes are also within my range of purchasing power, but I must be honest and say that I already have a Koyudo heart shaped brush and Chikuhodo Regular Liquid Foundation brush in my arsenal. I couldn’t resist.

As always, we at AJJ thank you for your readership and continued support. Please let us know if you have any questions you would like us to answer.

Written by Ana Vigueras
Edited by Hiro Kano
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  1. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH I’m so into my brushes from the look to the performance and of course quality and price .This was VERY informative to the point again thank you for your time in this btw I bought a set of real technic LOVE them but have bought other brands to test so I’m still doing my research so I will for sure look into your brushes too😊cant wait too .Thank you……..🤗

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