Nextremer’s AI-Samurai: Combining Tradition and Technology

Nextremer: The company behind AI-Samurai Nextremer is a company based in Tokyo’s Itabashi district aiming to contribute to an innovative society. Changes brought by technologies should create an inventive working atmosphere leading to innovative business opportunities. Nextremer especially focuses on the question how artificial intelligence should be incorporated in human society. Therefore they dedicate themselves…

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Sengoku Buyuden Izakaya: A Samurai-Era Dining Experience

sengoku buyuden izakaya

Sengoku Buyuden is an izakaya (Japanese gastronomic bar) located in Shinjuku’s famous nightlife district of Kabukicho. But it’s not just any regular izakaya–Sengoku Buyuden is a unique samurai-themed dining establishment, which offers locals and travelers with an interest in Japanese history the chance to experience the culture of Japan’s renowned sengoku (Warring States) era. Operated…

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