Passionate Manufacturer of Wearable Action Samurai Armor: Ichisuke-Hogetsu “一助朋月”

Ichisuke-Hogetsu_一助朋月 Entrance to the Workshop

On the northeastern shore of famous Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture, one can find a certain one-man armor workshop in the city of Nagahama “長浜”. Named after its sole craftsman, Ichisuke Hogetsu, this workshop distinguishes itself through its custom-made wearable Kacchuu (samurai armor). For the last decade Ichisuke crafted for the sake of his customers,…

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Sengoku Buyuden Izakaya: A Samurai-Era Dining Experience

sengoku buyuden izakaya

Sengoku Buyuden is an izakaya (Japanese gastronomic bar) located in Shinjuku’s famous nightlife district of Kabukicho. But it’s not just any regular izakaya–Sengoku Buyuden is a unique samurai-themed dining establishment, which offers locals and travelers with an interest in Japanese history the chance to experience the culture of Japan’s renowned sengoku (Warring States) era. Operated…

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Samurai Armor Parts: An Essential Guide to Yoroi Components

Understanding Yoroi–the “Great Armor” of Japan’s ancient samurai–means knowing what makes it authentic. Read our essential guide to samurai armor parts. Samurai Armor Parts: An Essential Guide to Yoroi Components Japanese samurai armor, also known as Katchu, is comprised of the Kabuto (helmet) and O-Yoroi (“great armor”). O-yoroi, or simply Yoroi, first appeared on the…

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