Eyebrow Shapes: Makeup Trend 2018

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The eyebrow is one of the most important facial features that define our first impression.
Whether through threading, shaving or cutting, taking care of your eyebrow is one of the hardest parts of the pre-makeup preparation.

In this 3-part articles, I, Namiko Fujiyama, a makeup specialist who worked in a company developing makeup, will write every aspect of the eyebrow from the latest trend to bare basic on how to shape and take care of your eyebrow. Best practice and no-no thing to avoid.

Let’s enjoy the life through makeup!

The Eyebrow: the most important aspect of your face

The eyebrow and its arch define where your profile starts.

When designed well, eyebrow can adjust your overall facial impression. Make it wider or thinner, more square or round, strong or kind… whatever the image you’d like to have.

For example, If you’d like to give a thinner, oval-shaped face, you should make your eyebrow arch higher to balance it.
If you have close-eye, then make your eyebrow arch closer to the center of your face to give a more natural impression.

two people looking into camera eye to eye - Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash
Find your favorite shape of an eyebrow in this 3-part articles! – Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash

The Eyebrow trend on Social media in 2017

Before we begin, let’s see a recap of unique eyebrow post from Instagram that entertained and inspired us in 2017.

4 #Marron/Chestnuts Eyebrow

This unique Japanese trend is started by Ginza, a fashion magazine published by Magazine House. It draws inspiration from chestnut spikes. You need to use light colored brown eyebrow mascara to point your brow hair to point upward. Recommended for a person with good hair volume.

3. #Featherbrows.

This new trend was started in April 2017 by an Instagram post by 19-years old Stella Sironen, a Makeup artist from Helsinki, Finland.

Little did she know when she posted the special eyebrow makeup that it will be covered by national media like Huffington Post. The post went viral, causing many people to split into two teams. Yes-I’ll-try-it-myself team and the Ew-no-thank-you team.

2 #Wavy brows

In August, 4 months after the “Feather brow” trend, Jessica Brodersen created a very unique eyebrow look.

Coupled with a true beach like eyeshadow, the look was so captivating it did not take long for other Instagrammer to start recreating their take on the wavy brow. Some may have taken it a bit too far, but it sure made an impression.

#1 Christmas tree eyebrow.

As soon as Taylor R posted this on the Instagram, this very festive trend took over the internet.

These brow looks are fun and entertaining to watch, but may seem to hard to try out yourself. You’d need to use proper tool and products to achieve these look – if you want to try it yourself – and keep it as good as it looks on your mobile phone’s feed.

The Eyebrow & Makeup trend 2018

Natural, no-makeup makeup. beautiful woman in swim suit on the rock Photo by Christopher Campbell
Natural, no-makeup makeup. Photo by Christopher Campbell

So Internet, what do you have in store for 2018? Well, while we can not predict the future, there is little information out there from the fashion giants that let us have the sneak peak of the makeup trend of 2018.

Overall Makeup trend 2018

Natural, healthy “no-makeup” makeup look will be very prominent in makeup trend.

Nude makeup with a semi-matte foundation with sun-kissed healthy cheek makeup by applying a sheer layer of the coral colored cheek powder.

Woman portrait Photo by Dmitriy Ilkevich

Sun-kissed look with cheek color applied wider from the cheek to the side face line.

Brilliant no-makeup makeup skin accented with red cream cheek on finished with light pink lips.

Eyebrow trend 2018

The bold, thick brow trend started by Cara Delevingne will continue strong. Strong brows go well with the natural no-makeup makeup, subtly lip colors and brown-based makeup colors.

Bold and Strong eyebrow
Bold and Strong eyebrow

For example,  boast trimmed natural look with angled eyebrow and beautiful curve at the end of the eyebrow.  Bold, strongly drawn brows with the brow hair combed upward to create powerful movement and flow.

eyebrow_2Balancing your brow with eye shapes by shaping the brow with liquid eyebrow pen and finishing it with brow mascara, taming the brow hair upward.

In the next week’s article, I will write about the basic of the eyebrow shapes and basic, timeless golden rules you need to know.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Written by Namiko Fujiyama
Translated by Hiro Kano

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