Good Japanese Makeup Brush Sets

Good Japanese Makeup Brush Set recommendations

While Japanese Makeup brushes are almost always high quality and come in many variations, it may be daunting to begin the search for good Japanese makeup brush set. I previously wrote a blog article on the good makeup brush brands both American and Japanese. I explained at the end of the blog that Japanese manufacturers and Japanese makeup brush brands are extremely high quality with a wide range of options to choose from, making them ideal for any type of customer. And as many makeup fanatics say, it is easy to fall into the Kumano Fude rabbit hole of buying, buying and buying without any clear reason except that you have fallen head over heels in love with Japanese makeup brushes!

This is the reason why we are compiling a list of good Japanese makeup brush sets based on your need as a customer. We will help you avoid falling into a mindless fude rabbit hole of buying too many random brushes by giving you a helpful recommendation for a good makeup brush set based on who you are and for the purpose you desire! By reading this article, we hope you are able to purchase a set with many Japanese makeup brushes while still maintaining a sense of the original reason why you wanted to purchase a renowned Japanese brush set. We are here to help you keep from getting lost on your search for the best makeup brush set and to succeed in making every one of your makeup friends envious!

Makeup Sets covered in this article:

  1. High-Quality Japanese Makeup Brush Set
  2. Cheap Japanese Makeup Brush Set
  3. Beginner’s Japanese Makeup Brush Set
  4. Japanese Eye Makeup Brush Set

1) High-Quality Makeup brush set

Chances are, if you are looking for a High-quality Japanese Makeup brush set then you have been curious for a while about whether the rumors of Japanese quality are true. You are also nervous about the price because there are several other “high-quality” makeup brush sets on the market to choose from. It may also be assumed that you are eager to experience the softness of the natural hair from a Saikoho Goat or a Grey Squirrel which is commonly used by Japanese makeup brush manufacturers.

If this sounds like you, then please take a peek at the…

Chikuhodo Z Series 10-Piece Makeup Brush Set, $694

Chikuhodo Z Series 10-Piece Makeup Brush Set S-Z-10
Chikuhodo Z Series 10-Piece Makeup Brush Set S-Z-10

This is the all-inclusive set of the best selling brush series on AJJ. This is the product of the CEO of Chikuhodo, one of the leading Kumano Fude brush manufacturers, and it is handmade with Grey Squirrel hair. A lip brush is made from Weasel hair while the Eyebrow brush is crafted from Japanese raccoon hair (tanuki).

By purchasing this all-inclusive Japanese makeup brush set you are enjoying the high-quality animal hair that is praised in Japanese high-quality makeup brushes. If the price is to be shied away from, we also recommend that you consider the four or six piece Z Series brush sets.

If our recommendation is not enough, it is worth noting that many high-end luxury brands such as Tom Ford, which was mentioned in my last blog post, is said to rely on Japanese manufacturers to produce their brushes! If you love the luxury of those brands, then this makeup brush set should be yours.

2) Cheap Makeup Brush set

For those of you who are concerned that you will never be able to afford any Japanese makeup brush set that you come across, we want to assure you that this is simply not the case!

When you are looking for a brush set which is budget friendly, preferably under 50 dollars or about 6000 yen, and globally renown we have chosen this Chikuhodo 5-Piece Makeup Brush set to fit your criteria.

Chikuhodo 5-Piece Makeup Brush set, $49

Chikuhodo 5-Piece Makeup Brush Set
Chikuhodo 5-Piece Makeup Brush Set

Although listed on our site as a gift set, it is also perfect for treating yourself to a high quality but cheap makeup brush set. It is also a well-balanced set which covers a variety of your needs such as providing

  • A Sokoho Goat Hair cheek brush,
  • A horse hair eyeshadow brush,
  • A sponge applicator,
  • A brush and comb for eyebrows made from tanuki/horse hair
  • And finally a lip brush from weasel hair.

For a low budget, it also provides a synthetic leather white pouch. In a fair assessment of quality and price, it is hard to find a better deal than this one that Chikuhodo provides us low budget customers.

3) Beginner’s Makeup Brush set

The internet is a blessing for beginner makeup artists or fanatics. There would be no way that I could navigate the winding roads of Japanese makeup brushes and sets without blogs such as Sweet Makeup Temptations or the well-kept websites of the brush manufacturers themselves.

Even still, for a beginner user of Japanese makeup brushes, these blogs and sites can overwhelm us for several reasons. They do not allow us to find a brush set based on criteria that every beginner should gauge: What is our skill level with makeup and makeup brushes and what would we like to use the brush for?

These sites also do not protect us from falling down the rabbit hole I previously mentioned. This hole is one where beginner makeup users make the mistake to purchase more brushes than they need or purchase the wrong brushes because they were so excited to buy something from the series.

That’s why we have the perfect set for these confused users! It is a must-have for beginners and is the best makeup set for you based on your beginner skill level.

It is called the…

Chikuhodo S-R-5 R-series 3-piece Starter set in Red, $52


Chikuhodo S-R-5 R-series 3-piece Starter set Red
Chikuhodo S-R-5 R-series 3-piece Starter set Red


It is a simple set, and lets you try out one powder or cheek brush, one eyeshadow brush, and one brush and comb tool! This helps you not to make the mistake of buying too many brushes while allowing you to still experience a luxurious Chikuhodo Japanese makeup set!

It even comes with a stylish case. This can ease your worries of making a mistake and overloading yourself with unnecessary brushes! As you become more skilled in using makeup brushes, you will be able to upgrade your sets and slowly add to your Japanese makeup brush collection.

4) Eye makeup brushes set

Eye makeup brushes can be tricky. Everyone wants to know how many to buy. Japanese manufacturers recommend that you buy about three to five makeup brushes, but it can also depend on the technique of the user. Unless you are a makeup artist who has great technique and many different types of eyeshadow/eyeshadow styles which you will employ, then we recommend that you listen to the manufacturer’s recommendation of 3 to 5 brushes.

The eye is a delicate area of the face and therefore deserves some attention and high-quality care. In the same way that you use the top-rated Clinique or high-end makeup like Shiseido and skincare, why not buy a Japanese eye makeup brush set which will treat your delicate eye area with gentle finesse.

AJJ recommends…

 Chikuhodo E-S-1 Eye and Eyebrow Brush Set, $73!

Chikuhodo E-S-1 EyeBrow Brushes Set
Chikuhodo E-S-1 EyeBrow Brushes Set

There are four brushes (the happy medium between 3 and 5!)
A fine brush for eyeliner or eyebrow purposes, a screw brush, a large eyebrow brush, and an eyeshadow or nose shadow brush made from a variety of famous Japanese materials such as badger hair, Tanuki, and horse hair.

By purchasing this set, you can get a variety of brushes without buying too many, meaning you save yourself from spending excess money on brushes you might not have a reason to use. Keep your makeup tool kits precise and without clutter!


We hope that this blog has been helpful, even in the smallest way! Maybe it inspired you to make smarter decisions about your makeup brush sets and to be a more informed customer instead of buying everything. I mean sure…if I was a millionaire with a beautiful makeup station to store all the brushes, why not start a magnificent collection?

But even still, we at AJJ can almost guarantee that millionaire makeup station would probably have the sets we are recommending simply because they Japanese makeup brushes, Chikuhodo in particular, are high quality, luxurious, for every skill set, and delightfully soft. Try one of these Japanese makeup brush sets for yourselves!

Thank you again for spending your valuable time reading this blog.
We hope you continue to rely on us for your makeup brush needs.

Written by Ana Vigueras
Edited by Hiro Kano
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