Japanese Makeup brushes: How to find it Online

Japanese Makeup brushes: How to find it Online

Finding a good set of makeup brushes online can be challenging.

If you are a makeup junkie who loves to try new makeup trends and tricks, you must have been surfing online to go through tons of articles, many Instagram posts, and magazine to find the best makeup item for you.

Well, the search can get a little overwhelming, because there are so many options out there. With over 166,000 years of history, it’s no wonder that it gets difficult to find the right makeup for you.

While the best product for each person is different, a makeup tool, however, is a different story. Using a good quality tool can bring out the best result even with the cheap makeup set. Makeup brush made in Japan, in particular, is known for its great quality and used by many of the cosmetic brands worldwide. With one brush lasting 2-3 years, Investing in them goes a long way.

In this article, I, Hiro Kano, a co-founder of AJJ Inc and its e-commerce store “A-Janaika Japan” will introduce the best makeup brushes in four categories:  (1) Professional one, (2) set brush, (3) affordable, and (4) very best.

(1) Professional Makeup brushes

When you’re looking for the high-quality makeup brush, Why not start with knowing the professional, high-grade one? These two series below are the one most purchased by the professional makeup brush artist at A-Janaika Japan. These series below include all the essential brushes for the set, foundation brush, Concealer brush, Eyeshadow brush, Blush brush, Powder brush, Lash and brow brush.

Chikuhodo Z-Series

#1 best-selling Chikuhodo brush, Z-9

The best-selling brush from the Japanese makeup brush manufacture from Kumano region, CHIKUHODO co., Ltd. It is also the most expensive line of their cosmetic brushes for their standard line-up. All the brushes are using natural hair, and the bristle is carefully designed to help you get a professional, flawless look with few strokes of the brush.

Price Range: $150 – $24

No. items in series: 11 brushes

Materials: Grey Squirrel, Water badger, etc.

Koyudo BP High-Class series

With over staggering 50 different brush types, Koyudo BP series is your one-stop for your search for the best makeup brush. It has almost all the makeup brush shapes that you need to complete your perfect look.

Price Range: $160 – $14

No. items in series: 50 brushes

Materials: Goat, Squirrel, Water badger, Badger, Horse etc.

(2)Makeup Kit

Makeup brush kit on AJJ: we have over 50 sets for your choosing!

While you can collect your favorite brushes separately one by one, you can also get many as a set, as it often comes with fitting storage case or even better – storage bag to keep your brushes from rolling down your table and keep everything stored nice and pretty.

Makeup brush sets on A-Janaika Japan

Price Range $700 – $49

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(3)Cheap brushes

Since most of the Japanese brushes are handmade in Japan, they come with a higher price tag than the one made in China or other Asian countries. But, if you look closely to their listing, they are some you can buy without spending tons of

Chikuhodo R-series or Koyudo C-series is a good one to start your search.

Koyudo C015 Finishing brush Black, $20 

Koyudo C015 Finishing Brush Black  – $20

This is one of the cheapest face brush from Koyudo. Great as a starter set to achieve better, flawless look with Kumano makeup brush.

Chikuhodo R-3 Eyeshadow brush, $10

R-S3 Eyeshadow brush from the Regular series of Chikuhodo
R-S3 Eyeshadow brush from the Regular series of Chikuhodo

This eyeshadow brush is dedicated to easy, smooth application of eyeshadow by focusing on the shape of the bristle tip. The volume of the bristle makes it ideal brush for even application and natural gradation.
Enjoy the soft, airy touch of this brush. Eyelids will brighten up in beautiful colors with this Eyeshadow brush.


Affordable Japanese Makeup Brushes by Type

(4)The best brushes of all time

While It is hard to define what is the all-time “best” brush, we can easily show you the best selling brush series on AJJ. They are “Chikuhodo Z-series”, “Chikuhodo GSN series”, “Koyudo Fupa series”.

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Thank you for reading, and please let me know if you have any questions or request for the article topic. We publish an in-depth article about Makeup brush on weekly basis, and we welcome your feedback!

Written by Hiro Kano

Co-founder of AJJ Inc. I have been closely working with Japanese craftsman and companies for the past 2 years, traveling all over Japan.

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