Our Team

Our team believes that there’s so much to discover about Japan for the world.

While Japan has most advanced modern technology in the world, there’s a big part of traditional Japanese culture left to be discovered by the international market. We hope to deliver Japan’s finest crafts to you through our A-Janaika Japan project.
The team consists of talented individuals with a unique carrier and different cultural background.

Takuya “Tak” Fujiyama – 藤山卓哉

Takuya Fujiyama Team manager
Takuya Fujiyama the Team manager

CEO & Founder of AJJ Inc

Graduated Tokyo University of Marine Science & Technology
Living in Kamakura city
An experienced and trusted leader, he oversees all the aspect of A-Janaika Japan.
A middle-aged man who loves his family, ocean, and beer. He lived in Guam island once, but that didn’t help to improve his English, so he’s still learning it with word dictionary by his side! He likes spending his spare time windsurfing, surfing, fishing, and diving.
Check out this video featuring him!

Hiro Kano – 加納宏徳

Hiro Kano - Translator & more
Hiro Kano – Translator, web & more

General Manager & Founder of AJJ Inc – Translator, Web, Social & Customer service

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Home-schooled from age of 15, He has learned to speak English by himself. Interested and eager to try new things, he does a wide variety of work for the team, from translating items to conducting an interview with craftsman. As one of the young core member of the team, he is eager to learn and master any aspect of business and Japanese traditional culture from A-Janaika Japan. He is also a world champion of Origami. He manages all the social media of A-Janaika Japan. Check them out below!
AJJ Facebook
AJJ Twitter
AJJ Youtube channel

Tristan Junker

Tristan Junker - Samurai
Tristan Junker – Social Media expert

CEO & Founder of Kaikoku Inc, Entrepreneur, Samurai Warrior

Tristan Junker grew up in Duesseldorf, Germany, a city well known for its large community of Japanese citizens and companies.
He graduated from the University of Vienna in East Asian Economy and Society as well as Business Administration and Japanese Studies at the Hosei University in Tokyo.
His trademarks are his passion for the Japanese culture as well as his way of communicating with people.
Which is the main reason he founded “Amazing Japan”, a community to share Japanese culture worldwide.

His favorite period in the Japanese history is the Edo period. As he wants to become a real Samurai himself one day he dedicated himself to be an ambassador for A-Janaika Japan and supports the project to spread traditional Japanese culture around the world with them.
His Facebook page

Thomas Rogge

Thomas - Translator
Thomas – Translator & Writer

Translator & Writer

Being of German-Chinese origin Thomas started to discover the fascinating uniqueness and vast diversity of different cultures at a young age. He’s especially fond of Japan’s popular and traditional culture, which both embody creativity, entertainment, and passion.
He graduated from the University of Vienna in East Asian Economy and Society and together with Tristan Junker founded Amazing Japan, trying to establish an international community for fellow Japan enthusiasts.
He is specialized in managing projects, overseeing development processes, event organization, communication, and design. Putting his skills to use he aims to spread the value of Japanese culture.

Ana Vigueras

Ana V – Writer and Japan lover

Writer & Asian Study

Ana was born in Mexico City to an American mother and a Mexican father. Ana grew up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a city well known to Japanese people for the signing of the Portsmouth Peace Treaty to end the Russo Japanese War in 1905.

In high school, Ana got her first taste of Japan by hosting Japanese students from Miyazaki, Japan and when she was 15 she traveled to Miyazaki, Kyoto, and Tokyo. After that, Ana was hooked on Japan.
Ana is currently a second year Asian Studies major at Temple University Japan Campus. Although passionate about Asia, her interests also span to music, health (nutrition and lifestyle), travel, and public relations (blogging, event promotion).
When Ana is not at school she enjoys walking around Tokyo, reading in her 4.5 tatami mat room, or spending time with loved ones.

Yukihisa Takahashi – 高橋幸久

Takahashi Yukihisa
Takahashi Yukihisa – Technical director

Technical director

Graduated Saitama University
Prior to A-Janaika Japan, He participated in many E-Commerce start-up projects for over 10 years of experience.
Knowing each characteristic of BtoB, BtoC or CtoC business, he offers insightful advice to the team.
He is also a founding member of Murashiki Co., Ltd..
He is a father of two.
You can also find his profile here (Japanese)

Naoyuki Takedomi – 武富 直之

Takedomi Naoyuki -
Takedomi Naoyuki – Web programmer

Web programmer, Engineer & Technical Support

Before joining the A-Janaika Japan team, he participated in many E-commerce projects for both domestic and overseas customers.
Originally from Sagawa prefecture, he graduated Hokkaido University with master’s degree.
He also has experience in building a high-tech fish tank system for Japanese carp that has built-in small monitoring module.
He is also a father of two.
You can also find his profile here (Japanese)

Masayuki Nakagawa – 中川昌幸

Photographer, Videomaker
Masayuki Nakagawa graduated Waseda University and is a self-taught photographer who has over 20 years of the carrier in professional photography. He mainly worked for magazines and printed media in the past, but recently he is more focused on working on taking pictures for the website.
His specialize himself in portrait and all kind of marine sports which is also his favorite hobby. He is resolved to clearly visualize and convey a message by his photography. He has worked with us on many of A-Janaika Japan’s photo-shoot session.
He enjoys various kind of marine sports such as windsurfing, sup, diving and fishing in his spare time.

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