Cheek Color Trend 2018: The Cheek Makeup Ultimate Guide Part 1

The Ultimate guide to Cheek Makeup 2018

It’s been a long time since the girly, cute and sexy makeup was on trend in Japan. I believe it’s not just me that like to see something new. As a former developer of a cosmetic brand in Japan, I would like to introduce you to a new, cool & natural makeup trend that’s been rising in Japan 2018.

The new Japanese makeup trend will shift toward more stronger, bold image of a woman with more focus on eyes. A makeup that let your eye shines brighter and stand out, and bring out the strong feminine side.

The Instagram post below showcases the cute makeup (right) and the cool makeup (left).

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There are few points of this makeup.

  • Matte skin (not shimmering nor
  • Bold eyebrow with a visible flow of hair
  • The long end of eyes
  • Modest cheek and lip color

In this 3-part articles, I, Namiko Fujiyama, a former developer of Japanese cosmetic brand, will guide you through the glamorous world of cheek and color from basic to professional viewpoints.

What is the trend color anyway, and who decides it?

Have you ever heard of Intercolor? They are an organization founded in 1963 that defines and creates the trend color on an international scale. Having common ground and “trend color” of the season helps the fashion and cosmetic brands to work with each other to actually create a common trend.

An international and interdisciplinary platform of colour experts. 
INTERCOLOR is a platform for color research and development, assembling an interdisciplinary group of color experts. These experts not only represent national associations but also work for major players in textile, fashion and design and, more broadly, in all sectors where color counts.

– A quote from Intercolor official site –

INTERCOLOR forecast for Spring / Summer 1968
INTERCOLOR forecast for Spring / Summer 1968. This palette has the typical 60s vivid sporty atmosphere which was selected for 1968, the year of the Mexico Olympic Games. It shows the characteristic strong luminous colours which became popular in the late 60s and peaked in 1968.

Twice a year, the Intercolor congress members gather to propose a trend color of 2 years ahead based on their own concept, lifestyle, and environment that influenced their choice. They will have an intense discussion for 2 days which will summarize the color range (sometimes called “Colour cards”), and the ideas for the trend that comes in 2 years will be shared among members. This will not be published by Intercolor to the public as it will be shared internally with the committee member’s organization.

Here is their trend “forecast” of Spring/Summer 2018!

INTERCOLOR Colour ranges for Spring / Summer 2018
“SHAKING THE WORLD” with the theme set in
Anthropocene changing – Reset/Recharge – Reboot nature – Utopia []

Fashion and Cosmetic Trend Color of 2018





The soft color of mint ice-cream. A light emerald green color that shines like a clear Caribbean ocean. Search for #visionarymint on Instagram.


It’s Pink, but with a hint of blue and not purple. When used as makeup color, it will create a sharp impression, compared to traditional Pink color.


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Vivid, strong violet color. This is the color I would like to go deep in this article. Because this is a quite new face to see in color trend, and it’s challenging to start using a strong color like ultraviolet with your usual makeup mix.

How to use Ultra-Violet color in your Makeup

If you are inclined to use natural color such as beige or brown for makeup, using unusual color such as violet may be a quite big step to take on. But, if properly applied, Ultra-violet can give clarity to makeup and can create a very mystical and elegant impression.

  1. When your skin is tired, and you want to give extra cheerfulness
  2. As a base color on your cheek, to use with lighter color cheek.
  3. For some of us who’d like to take few wrinkles away and make the whole look younger.

The ultra-violet works really well with the #coolmakeup type of makeup, with cold color giving a noble look that catches everyone’s attention. If you’d like to opt for more subtle coloring, choose a darker or dimmer shade of purple.

Ultra Violet on your Cheek

There are two ways to use this strong violet for cheek.

A. As a base for cheek color

B. To layer on top of Cheek

CLINIQUE Cheek Pop – #15 Pansy Pop

CLINIQUE Cheek Pop – #15 Pansy Pop

JPY 3,000 + Tax

Blue-ish Pink cheek color in the image of bright, blooming flower! Released on March 1st, 2018.

REVLON Perfectly Natural blush – #350 Wild About Violet


JPY 1,600 +Tax

Pearl blush color that let your skin shines unlike any product before…

Blue-ish Pink/Violet colored blush color.

Your Journey to discover more about Cheek color starts here

Thank you for reading all the way till here, and now I think you understand the importance of the Cheek color and impression it will give, as well as a small behind-the-stage story for the trend color of the fashion and cosmetic industry. In next two article, I will dive in deeper into the world of Cheek makeup, and how best to apply it to your daily life with minimum effort and best result.

To be Continued…

Written by Namiko Fujiyama

Translated by Hiro Kano
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