Top 7 Best makeup brush set for Gift

Top7 Best Makeup brush set for gift

Makeup tools are an essential part of any beauty routine. As makeup changed throughout human history the tools and ways we would apply it changed as well. Nowadays there is a large variety of makeup tools with varying shapes, sizes and purposes. So how to decide, which tools to use out of an ever-growing pool of makeup brushes?

The first thing that probably comes to mind is the price range. But the difference between cheap makeup brushes and professional makeup brushes can have a giant impact on the application, feeling and precision. For example, Japanese makeup brush artisans focus on one specific feature to draw out the best out of their crafts: the tip. Since old times a brush without a proper tip would be useless, as it couldn’t be used to properly draw Chinese characters. Recently, the same principle has also been applied to makeup brushes, as a good tip can enhance both the experience and the results.

Luckily the town of Kumano in Japan, a town adjacent to Hiroshima, is where two of the world’s finest brush artisans are located, still adhering to this traditional concept. Their crafts extinguishing itself with centuries-long tradition and exceptional craftsmanship. We speak of no other than Chikuhodo and Koyudo!

By carefully choosing the materials the artisans work with, they craft high-grade makeup tools that not only please the skin but also the eye, making them perfect even as gifts on special occasions. Read on to find out what Chikuhodo and Koyudo have to offer!

The best Chikuhodo & Koyudo have to offer for every price range

Entry models

Chikuhodo BR-2 Gift set: 3-Piece Makeup Brush Set

Chikuhodo BR-2 Gift set: 3-Piece Makeup Brush Set
Great choice for a special wedding gift. Engraving on brushes are available

Price: $55

This 3-Piece Makeup Brush Set from Chikuhodo is the perfect gift for weddings, Christmas, and other joyous celebrations. This set consists of two elegant cheek brushes with bristles made from fine horse fur and a handy lip brush featuring durable weasel fur, all wrapped up in a stylish and cute white box.

Koyudo Mizume-zakura Rin 3-pcs Brush Set

Koyudo Mizume-zakura Rin 3-pcs Brush Set
Distinctive wood handle gives you extra comfort

Price: $108

Koyudo’s entry model is double the price of Chikuhodo’s but certainly worth it! The Mizume-zakura Rin 3-Pieces Brush Set gives an overall more luxurious feeling. With all its brushes handles being made from high-grade Japanese Cherry Birch (Mizume-zakura) wood, each of the brushes comes with a different pattern, making them one of a kind. The brushes featured in this set are a dense powder brush with a round and flat top, a brush perfect for applying the right tone for blushes, and an eyeshadow brush designed for quick applications.

Even the gift box is imbued with special meaning, as it’s made from recycled paper cranes, which was donated to the Hiroshima Memorial Park from all over the world.

Brush set for the busy business woman or traveler

Chikuhodo S-15 K-series brush set

Chikuhodo S-K-6 K series set brush
Your portable companion for traveling!

Price: $172

This stylish and highly compact set by Chikuhodo features all brushes of the K-Series, which distinguish itself with slim and retractable silver handle perfect for application whenever you want. To further improve this set’s mobility, it comes in a compact pouch you can easily transport your brushes with, making it the perfect gift for people who work on the go or travel a lot!

Fully extended set overview

The basic pouch comes in black, but just let us know if you’d like to change the color to the more vibrant red one.

Chikuhodo Passion Series Brush set

Passion series comprehensive set
Passion series comprehensive set

Price: $224

Another highly compact makeup brush collection from Chikuhodo is the Passion Series Brush set, coming in a glossy pink pouch, which matches the pink handles of the brushes. As this sets features all Passion Series brushes it allows for a wide range of applications, whether you’re after a natural look or something more dramatic.

This set is perfect for those who need a trusty all-rounder to be their daily makeup brush companion!

The Best of the Best

Koyudo Gray Squirrel 8-Piece Red Brush Set with Roll & Tie Pouch

Impressive collection of 8 professional-grade brushes
Impressive collection of 8 professional-grade brushes

Price: $327

Made from Premium Gray Squirrel hair these 8 professional makeup brushes are softer, denser and silkier than most other brushes out there. But for Koyudo that’s still not enough. Look at those gorgeous handles! They’re made from beautiful Japanese woods, while a masterfully crafted black ferrule serves as the link between high-grade bristle and handle. Apart from the nice looking wooden box the makeup brushes come in, Koyudo also provides a simple yet elegant black pouch for more mobility!


Chikuhodo Z Series 8-Piece Makeup Brush Set

Luxurious 8-piece set of Chikuhodo's highest grade Z Series brushes
Luxurious 8-piece set of Chikuhodo’s highest grade Z Series brushes

Price: $621

Featuring the highest grade of brushes from Chikuhodo this 8-piece set provides you with the famous Z-Series, including powder, cheek, eye and lip brushes. It’s presented in a stylish wooden box, and for those of you who want to take them out for a walk even a refined black pouch is included.


The set comes with dedicated case to store them safely.
The set comes with a dedicated case to store your brushes safely.

The Z-Series radiates the skill and passion for quality exercised by master brush maker, Tesshyu Takemori. As a native of the Kumano brush-making region of Hiroshima, his brushes represent his tireless pursuit for an effortless makeup application experience, so that users would enjoy this craft even more!


Models for those who want the special something

Chikuhodo MK-2 Powder Brush, Maki-e Series

Chikuhodo collaborated with the Yamanaka-Shikki to produce special Maki-e Brush.
Chikuhodo collaborated with the Yamanaka-Shikki to produce special Maki-e Brush.

Price: $146

This beautiful Maki-e brush is the result of a collaboration between Chikuhodo and Yamanaka-Shikki. Chikuhodo ensures that only the highest quality of fur is being used, which enables an even application of powder that will always result in a polished look. The decoration on the handle is professionally decorated by artisan Yamanaka Shikki, giving it a very Japanese touch. It’s the perfect gift for those who appreciate an exotic touch to their makeup brushes!


We from A-Janaika Japan foster good relationships with the artisans of the Hiroshima region specializing in the art of making Kumano Brushes. Like this, we do not only provide our customers with a bigger selection of products but also guarantee that we are never out of stock. It is also in our interest to serve our customers by keeping the price as low as possible and near the Japanese market price, while also offering cheap shipping costs.

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  1. I really like the Chikuhodo BR-2 brush set, it is not too expensive and would make a great gift. What would be the best way to clean these brushes?

    1. Hello, Cassie
      For daily maintenance, take a soft cloth or tissue paper to take away any makeup that’s left in the brush. We recommend washing the brush once a month by using a small dose of shampoo and water, rinse it well, and use a towel to gently shape the bristle while drying it. Let it dry completely in shadow.
      *If you use it with a liquid type product, it is best to wash it twice a month.
      *Try not to get handle or ferrule wet as much as possible, as it could damage it in long term.

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