Ultimate Guide to KOYUDO Makeup brush series

This is the comprehensive guide of the Koyudo makeup brush series. The KOYUDO is one of the largest Kumano fude manufacturers; their brushes are original, inspired and often with a playful twist.

By now you know a little about the wonders of Kumano Japanese makeup brushes from Kumano, Hiroshima, Japan. The most important aspect of Kumano brushes is the gentle tip of the brush which makes this perfect for people with sensitive skin. We have covered one of the largest Kumano Japanese makeup brush manufacturers, Chikuhodo, in a previous blog and now we move on to Koyudo, the original, inspired but equally as wonderful Koyudo makeup brush manufacturer.

Koyudo's various colorful brushes
Koyudo’s various colorful brushes


The Koyudo’s Japanese makeup brush means to make their brushes a vital and “friendly” aspect to your makeup brush series collection. In an interview with the Koyudo CEO Takemi Tsuchiya, we found what makes Koyudo one of the top Japanese makeup brush brands.

“晃祐堂” Koyudo’s logo in Kanji letters

“Koyudo” Takemi Tsuchiya says, “keeps on changing to stay the same”. What that means is that Koyudo believes in functionality, but they also will alter their makeup brush series to reach a broad audience with a wide range of tastes and needs. For example, the original brush series the Heart Series, created by Koyudo was designed to be extremely functional with two peaks, but the beauty came when they realized that many makeup users also want their brushes to be kawaii, cute and appealing. Koyudo brushes are colorful brushes with ingenuitive design to embrace an array of audiences without the loss of the sensitive Kumano makeup brush sensibility and grace.


If you want to know which Koyudo brush is best for you please refer to this guide. We will cover the following Koyudo brush series and Koyudo Japanese Makeup Brushes:

KOYUDO High-end models:

  • Fu-pa Series
  • BP High-Class series
  • Somell Garden Kinomi Series

KOYUDO Basic Models:

  • Heart Brushes
  • PR Purin Brushes
  • Flower Brushes
  • AG Beginner Brushes
  • C Standard Series
  • P Polyester Series
  • Mobile Series.

KOYUDO Limited Edition or Special Collaboration Models:

  • Kumamon Brush
  • Kono-Sekai no Katasumi Ni Collaboration Brush
  • Hitosoroe
  • Rin 3-pieces brush set

Information Provided:
Release Date, Description of Series, Availability, Recommended Users

KOYUDO High-end models

These are Koyudo’s highest quality and most popular series. The Koyudo Fu-pa series, a wonderful array of soft, densely packed goat hair — a classic series of the brush. The Koyudo BP High-Class series, the most comprehensive of the Koyudo series for there are 50 brushes to choose from! Next is the Koyudo Somell Garden, created to make you believe you are applying your precious makeup with the softness and freshness of a ripe fruit. And the Koyudo Kinomi series, another earthly brush made to be the “healthiest” of brushes because it pampers you with an exfoliating massage. All are featured as Koyudo premium makeup brushes and all are handcrafted to be utter delights, guaranteed to please.

KOYUDO Fu-pa series

Release Date: 2012

Koyudo Fu-pa02 foundation brush

Description of Series: This is the most popular Koyudo makeup brush series. Soft, Densely Packed. Goat Hair. A variety of different sizes, dual-sided, angled, and duo fiber. The brushes are short and thick only about 10 centimeters long. Handles made from Hinoki Cypress. Brushes fu-pa05 and 06 are meant to be used with anything.

Availability: 21 items

  • Powder: fu-pa01 Extra large Powder Brush Black
  • Blush: Fu-pa 01 Blush Brush (Black and Pink), Fu-pa01 Soft version
  • Foundation: Fu-Pa 02 Foundation Makeup Brush (Black and Pink), fu-pa03 mineral foundation brush (Black and Pink), fu-pa12 Large Liquid Foundation brush
  • Liquid Foundation: fu-pa09-p Large Liquid Brush, fu-pa10-p Small liquid brush, fu-pa12-p Large Liquid Foundation Brush, fu-pa12 small liquid foundation brush (angled),
  • Squirrel Brushes: fu-pa14 Ena Gray Squirrel Brush (white), fu-pa14 gray squirrel powder brush (black)
  • Combination/Misc: Fu-Pa05-p Large Liquid and Powder Brush, Fu-pa06-p Small Liquid and Powder Brush, Fu-pa07 Large Foundation and Shading Brush, fu-pa08-p small foundation and shading brush, fu-pa11-p Concealer and highlighting brush, fu-pa12-b large powder and shading brush,

Recommended Users: For those who would like to amass a very tailored army of short, powerful high-quality Japanese makeup brushes. Also for those who are only interested in purchasing powder, blush, foundation, liquid, concealer/shading brushes.

KOYUDO BP High-class series

Release Date: 2013

Chikuhodo BP series with its minimalist look
Chikuhodo BP series with its minimalist look

Description of Series: Comprehensive, high quality, handmade. An incredible amount of variety between the different angles of the bristles. Notable for the airy touch and easy handling. BP013 Foundation Brush and BP014 are favorites of several beauty bloggers.

Availability: 50 brushes available in this series. Varieties of angles (round, angled, flat top) and sizes (small, medium, and large). Blush, Highlighters, Eyeshadow (small, medium, large), Foundation, eyebrow, eyeliner, Powder, Finishing brushes.

Recommended Users: Experienced makeup users. Due to the vast variety of brushes, we recommend that you take your time to review the brushes if you are interested in this series. Start with the type of brush desired, narrow down to the size and then the angle.
We also recommend trying the foundation brushes and if the quality is to your liking (which we are confident it will be) then purchase a more specific brush such as a lip, eyeliner, or eyeshadow.

KOYUDO Somell Garden

Release Date: 2016-2017

Koyudo SOMELL GARDEN BLUEBERRY x WALNUT Highlighting Brush: $27
Koyudo SOMELL GARDEN BLUEBERRY x WALNUT Highlighting Brush: $27

Description of Series: Here we see an example of the renowned

ingenuity of the Koyudo brand! Designed by a talented female artist in Hiroshima, she asked the questions of “what if brushes could remind one of fruit?” “What if the experience of a makeup brush could be similar to that of rubbing your face with fresh, gorgeous fruit?” Through these imaginings, the Somell Garden was created. The natural walnut wood handle combines with the tightly packed wool to embrace your face the same way a fruit would. The bristles are lightly dyed to pretend as if you are applying the juice of the fruit to your face (pink for peach, blue for blueberry, etc.) Whether you are simply curious about what the buzz is about these fruit-inspired brushes, or if you find them irresistibly cute, we encourage you to find out for yourself!

Availability: Peach and Zelkova (Blush brush), Orange and Hard Maple (Blush), Blueberry and Walnut (highlighting brush), Lemon and Walnut (Face brush).
Recommended Users: For collectors of Japanese makeup brushes, and for those who are interested in unique, cute, kawaii Japanese makeup brush styles.

KOYUDO Kinomi series

Release Date: 2017

Koyudo’s KINOMI Series feature design inspired by various nuts.

Description of Series: This charming series is named after various nuts, which is why it is called “Kinomi” after the Japanese word for tree nut! The handle is made from Walnut but each brush is modeled after a specific type of nut. The Kinomi makeup brush series is not only for makeup use but is designed to soothe and massage your skin if rubbed on your lymph nodes. This makes it the ultimate brush for your prime health! Spoil yourself and collect them all!

Availability: Almond (Powder makeup brush), Macadamia (Eyeshadow), Hazelnut (Foundation), Pistachio (Eyeliner and Lip Brush)

Recommended Users: For those who love the Somell Garden series OR For those who want comprehensive, collectible brushes with a twist! This kind of brush is guaranteed to surprise all those who gaze upon your Japanese makeup brush collection. Only Koyudo could make a brush like this.

Koyudo makeup Brushes on display
Koyudo makeup Brushes on display

KOYUDO Basic models

These brushes are far from basic, but they are very distinguishable as Koyudo makeup brushes. These include the Koyudo heart brushes some of the most famous Koyudo brushes for their adorable double peak and pink tinted bristles. The Koyudo PR (Purin) series, an incredible series of brushes which can help those who are favorites of liquid makeup. The Koyudo Flower brushes, another signature brush from Koyudo and an indispensable addition to any makeup kit or bedroom garden. The Koyudo AG Beginner series, for student makeup artists or women who want to learn the basics of makeup brushes. The Koyudo C standard series, a more colorful take on a beginner set of brushes. Next is the Koyudo P Polyester Series, made for those who are allergic to animal products or who are especially conscientious about the materials in their brushes. And finally, the Mobile Series which is, at the very least, retractable and portable! So many awesome brushes to learn about.

KOYUDO Heart Brushes

Release Date: 2008

Koyudo Heart series brush Gift set
Koyudo Heart series brush Gift set

Description of Series: Almost certainly one of Koyudo’s signature brush series! When designing the brushes, Koyudo creatively wondered what would happen if there were two peaks on the bristle of the brush. When implementing the idea, the two peaks created a beautiful heart shape. Koyudo decided to make it a cute durable, stiff peak with goat hair and colorful handles. Depending on the brush, it can be included as an accessory or a precious addition to your Japanese makeup brush collection.

Availability: Small Heart Shape face brush (white and pink handles), Medium Heart Face Brush (Pink and black handles), Medium Heart Face Brush-White Bristles (purple, pink, black, orange, blue handles), Large Face Brush (Pink and White Bristle), Portable Heart Brush (Pink and Black handles), Powder and Blush Brush, Blush Brush, Koyudo Christmas 2017 Limited “Sweetheart” brush set.

Recommended Users: For those who fell head over heels in love with the heart concept. For those who want to choose from a variety of colorful handles. Collectors of Koyudo who need the most famous brush from the Japanese brush brand.

KOYUDO PR (Purin) series

Release Date: 2013

KOYUDO PR (Purin) series
KOYUDO PR (Purin) series

Description of Series: Fun to hold, but one of the best makeup brushes for those who favor liquid. Made from a mix of goat hair and polyester. Durable with liquid cosmetics. Even, streak-free and achieves a flawless look with every use. Small shader brush allows for blending, applying crease and lid color, and even concealer

Availability: Flat Top Powder Brush, Flat Top Blush Brush, Small and Large Shader Brush (waterproof polyester), Cat Paw Shaped Facial Cleansing Brush, Tapered Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Lash Comb/Brow Groomer, Powder Brush.
Dolce 5 piece makeup brush set includes PR Purin Flat Top Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Large and Small Shader Brush, and Retractable Lip Brush ( lip brush from Koyudo M Portable Series)

Recommended Users: For those who want an adorable Koyudo pink brush but who use a lot of liquid foundations and concealers. The cat paw facial cleanser brush is for cat lovers and makeup lovers alike!

KOYUDO Flower brushes

Release Date: 2011-2014

Description of Series: A literal garden of Japanese makeup brushes for you to choose from! The bristles are indented to act like petals and all have tinted Saikoho goat hair with the center acting as a bright complementary color! The “flower” aesthetic gives the impression of a soft brush but in reality, it is a firm high-quality Koyudo makeup brush series.

Availability: About 20 different varieties of “flowers” for you to choose from.

  • Powder and Blush Brush (Pink, Blue, Mint, Orange, Yellow)
  • SPECIAL Flower Powder and Blush Brush (Black, Pink, White, and Flower Pot Color/Shape handles)
  • Facial Cleansing Brush (Pink, Pearl handles) can choose from Blue, Pink, Violet, Orange bristles with either color handle.

Recommended Users: This is another ultimate kawaii option for those interested in having the most unique professional makeup brush kit. Because there are a wide variety of colors to choose from in both the handles and bristles, you will likely be very happy with your brush!

Also recommended for avid gardeners—this series is for those who have collected the Koyudo Somell Garden and Koyudo Kinomi series of brushes so that you can say with confidence that you have a garden growing in your bedroom!

KOYUDO AG Beginner series


KOYUDO AG series: AG002 Cheek Brush $24
KOYUDO AG series: AG002 Cheek Brush $24

Description of Series: If there was ever a better way to describe “functional, black” then it would have to compete with the Koyudo AG Beginner series. Obviously not the typical kawaii brush that we see from Koyudo but extremely versatile and for those beginner makeup artists, students, or for anyone who is interested in a very practical high-quality professional makeup brush. Materials include horse hair, polyurethane, polyester, goat hair


Availability: Brush and Comb, Mascara brush, Eyeshadow with tip, lip brush, eyebrow, eyeshadow (medium), Cheek/Highlighting Brush, Cheek Brush, Powder Brush.

Recommended Users: “Entry level” makeup students, for those who would like to spend less money on a high-quality brush, minimalists, for those who have cute Koyudo brushes and need an additional less expensive brush to complete their makeup kits.

KOYUDO C Standard series

Release Date: 2013

Koyudo C Standard series
Koyudo C Standard series

Description of Series: Another easy-to-use brush series for beginner makeup artists and Japanese brand fanatics. There are many varieties of brushes within the series and in contrast with the AG Beginner series, the handles also come in pink.

Availability: Almost every brush comes in both black and pink handles! Mix and match your favorites.

Pink and Black Handles: Shift Brush, Eyeshadow Tip, Finishing Brush, Lip Brush, Eyebrow Eyeliner (black), Eyeshadow small, Eyeshadow M (Pony or Kolinsky) Eyeshadow L, Cheek/Blush Brush, Cheek Brush, Powder Brush, Large Powder Brush, Lash Brush, Eyeshadow R, Small Pencil Brush.

Only Black: Eyebrow Comb

Recommended Users: This is for “graduates” of the AG beginner series. It is for those who would like to expand their beginner kit, upgrade, or finalize their established Koyudo professional makeup brush kit.

KOYUDO P Polyester series

Release Date: 2014

Koyudo P001 Foundation Brush
Koyudo P001 Foundation Brush


Description of Series: As the name implies, it is an all polyester series perfect for details, liquids and small details!

Availability: Foundation brush, Lip and Concealer brush, Concealer only, Eyeshadow brush (2 sizes). These affordable brushes are long lasting, easy to clean and extremely soft. They also blend well for flawless finishes. Do not be hesitant to purchase one.

Recommended Users: For those allergic to animal hair, who would like to avoid purchasing animal products, and for those who use liquid makeup/need to work on small details.

KOYUDO Mobile series

Release Date: 2011-2013

Koyudo Mobile series: M018 Portable Heart Brush Black
Koyudo Mobile series: M018 Portable Heart Brush Black


Description of Series: Every woman who aspires to wear makeup knows that it is difficult to leave the house with a huge pouch of your favorite products. If you want to also bring your makeup brushes along, it is very challenging to accomplish without looking like a pack mule. However, if you invest in this classic, clean, and practical portable M (mobile) series, you will minimize the struggle. The brushes come with caps to keep them clean. There are also portable versions of your favorite heart-shaped brushes. The Mobile series is a savior for the busy woman!

Availability: Retractable lip brush (pink, red, black), retractable blush brush (black, pink, red) (rounded and angled), Portable heart brush (pink and black).

Recommended Users: For those who are constantly on-the-go, for those minimalists who would like to save money and space!

Koyudo Mizume-zakura Rin 3-pcs Brush Set
Distinctive wood handle gives you extra comfort

KOYUDO Limited edition or
Special collaboration models

Finally, we are faced with the painfully charming, limited edition models! These include the Koyudo Kumamon brush, a cute brush featuring a very popular (did we mention cute?) prefectural mascot. Second, we have Koyudo Kono-Seikai No Katasumi Ni Collaboration brush, combining cinema with Kumano brushes for the first time. Third, Hitosore e brush, the perfect gift for your daughter on her wedding day. Finally the Koyudo Mizume Zakura Rin 3 piece set brush which is for all those who are fanatic about everything made from Sakura trees! Kawaii, traditionally inspired, Japonesque brushes which will astonish your friends and keep you satisfied for a lifetime!

KOYUDO Kumamon Brush

Description of Series: We guarantee you: You will never see a brush like this Koyudo Kumamon makeup brush. It has the Kumamoto mascot “Kumamon” dyed into the bristles of the brush making the cute mascot gape up at you as you apply your mineral or finishing powder. It is made of Sokoho high-quality goat hair, there is no bleeding of the dye, and the insignia “Koyudo Collection” is on the elegant black handle. This brush is truly a collectible.

Availability: 1 brush, powder brush.

Recommended Users: For those from Kumamoto prefecture, for those who love bears, for those who are truly die-hard fans and collectors of the Koyudo makeup brush brand.

KOYUDO Kono-Sekai no Katasumi Ni Movie collaboration brush

Release Date: 2017

In This Corner of the World
In This Corner of the World by Fumiyo Kōno

Description of Series: This is a collaboration brush with Koyudo and the makers of “In the Corner of this World” a popular anime movie by director Sunao Katabuchi. The film is based in the Hiroshima area, very close to the town of Kumano, the origin of Koyudo brushes. the area between Hiroshima and Kure which is where Kumano (the origin for Koyudo’s brushes) is located! This is a wonderful coincidence and luckily a brush was made to celebrate the film and the town. The same type of brush was actually used to draw the original cells of the anime…only Japan could accomplish this!
Comes in packaging reminiscent of the film.

Availability: There are two brushes available: the blue and the orange. Both are Kumano painting brushes.

Recommended Users: For painters and animators—future Shinkai Makoto’s or Hayao Miyazaki’s. For huge fans of the “In the Corner of this World” movie or for die-hard fans and collector of the Koyudo makeup brush brand.

KOYUDO Hitosoroe Series

KOYUDO Hitosoroe

Release Date: 2017

Description of Series: When a daughter gets married in Japan, her mother participates in a kind of ritual of painting her daughter’s lips red. A lip reddening ceremony is done in the hopes of her daughter having a happy and fruitful marriage. These brushes have elegant white pearl bristles with a lovely cream colored handle. They would look beautiful in a picture with a white dress…

Availability: Lip brush (weasel), cheek brush (goat hair).

Recommended Users: For mothers who would like to perform this ceremony on their daughters, for those who are collectors of the Koyudo brand. Also for those who have a dear friend getting married and would like to give them something from the heart.

KOYUDO Mizume Zakura Rin 3-pieces brush set

Koyudo Mizume-zakura Rin 3-pcs Brush Set
Koyudo Mizume-zakura Rin 3-pcs Brush Set

Description of Series: This 3 piece exquisite makeup brush set gives you a luxury feeling, flawless finish on makeup. All the handles of brushes use high-grade Japanese Cherry Birch (Mizume-Zakura) wood, which is known for being used for the Japanese local craft Miyajima Shamoji (Miyajima rice scoop). Each pattern is unique and does not exist elsewhere in the world. It is the kind of professional makeup brush which can only be found and made in Japan.
Comes with a box made from recycled paper from paper cranes which we donated from all over Japan to be placed in Hiroshima Memorial Park.

Availability: In this set, there is a powder, blush, and eyeshadow brush available.

Recommended Users: For those who would like their brush made out of unique material such as the cherry-Burch. A very Japonesque brush with origins from traditional culture.



Koyudo factory workers
Koyudo factory in Kumano, Hiroshima

Koyudo Japanese makeup brushes are some of the most unique Kumano style makeup brushes that you might ever have the privilege of owning. We are truly thankful for the ingenuity of Koyudo for creating these special additions to our beauty application options. Finally, we can combine kawaii styles and elegant Japanese beauty into our professional makeup brush kits. If you are interested in any of these brushes we encourage you to please test one of your choosing. You will not regret it in the slightest. If you have further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at A-Janaika Japan. Thank you for reading this ultimate guide. We hope you fall in love with Koyudo just as much as we did.


Writer: Ana Vigueras
Editor: Hiro Kano

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