Video Tutorial: How to use Makeup Brushes by Brush type

CHikuhodo official Video Tutorial How to use Makeup Brushes

A step-by-step guide to fully unleash the potential of your cosmetic brushes with how-to makeup tutorial videos officially directed by CHIKUHODO; The one of the best Makeup brush manufacturer in the world. After reading through this, you will be applying makeup with confidence.

*If you’re not sure about the amount to apply, always start small, so that you can go back and add another layer. You can not undo if you apply too much at first.

Required level: Beginner to middle

LIQUID BRUSH with Liquid foundation

Take two pearl-sized liquid foundations and use your finger to apply in on your forehead, top of your nose, chin and cheeks. Then, take a foundation brush, lie it horizontal to your face. Using a gentle, tapping motion to make even, thin gradient layer of foundation that naturally fades out toward the edge of your facial line.
Use the other side of the makeup brush to apply rest of the foundation on the eyelid.
Then, blur out the edge of your foundation on the side of the nose, around your lip, face line and neck for natural coverage.

Read more on the liquid brush foundation brush here

POWDER BRUSH with Face powder/Powder foundation

Take a half of teaspoon of a powder with the powder brush. Make sure that the bristle has a powder not only on the outside but on inside of the brush as well.
Use the one side of the brush and just lightly buff all over the face, to let the foundation settle in and taking away any excess water or oil.
Use the other side of the brush, and a with big circular motion apply the powder starting from your chin and working your way up. It is important to move your brush against the natural flow of a downy facial hair, as this would settle the powder better and keep your makeup together longer.

EYE-SHADOW BRUSH with Eyeshadow palette

It is best to have two eyeshadow brushes, small and large in size for the speed and efficiency.
Take larger eyeshadow brush and apply basic shadow color on the eye area above eyelid and under the eyebrow. This will add more depth to your face and make your eye stands out more.

Take the main eye color from the palette with a smaller eyeshadow brush. From the corner of your eye towards the center, apply the color following the eye line. Once you reach the inner corner of the eye, lay your brush flat to the eye, and spread the color on your eyelid and smudge it out. This will create a beautiful, flawless gradation.


Close one of your eyes, and start drawing your eye line from the inner corner of your eye. Use short stroke, do not try to draw a line in one stroke.

EYE-BROW BRUSH with Eyebrow powder

After defining the shape of your eyebrows with pencil, take some eyebrow makeup powder with the brush and draw your ideal lines. Blur any hard edges for the natural brow.

Here is a quick easy guideline for designing your eyebrow.

Eyebrow best practice
Eyebrow best practice
  • Inner end of the brow: it either start where your inner eyelid starts, or little longer towards the inner side of the face by the 1cm maximum.
  • Peak of the brow: This should be positioned on the two third of the brow.
  • Outer end of the brow: It should end on the line that connects your side of nostril and corner of your eye.

SCREW BRUSH with Mascara

With the screw brush, it will deposit any type of mascara (e.g. waterproof mascara) exactly as needed. Apply primer first with gentle pulling up motion, with screw brush held horizontally to the eyeliner. Then, dip the screw brush for mascara halfway. Using the same movement, start applying mascara

To work on lower eyelash, hold your brush vertical to the eye line, and sweep your brush left and right to apply lightly.


How to apply your cheek like pro
How to apply your cheek like pro

Take a good amount of cheek color with your Cheek brush. Starting from the highest point of your cheekbone, move your brush towards your ears. Cheek should be applied on the area between your cheekbone and ear, an area shaped like a triangle. Always start from the top of your cheek and move towards the side of the face, as this would make the cheek color brighter and looking more natural.


After applying a foundation and a concealer, let’s move on to the highlighting. Take a highlight color with the brush and gently start from the center of your face, under the eye and the side of the nose. Sweep your brush following the edge of your eye line. Always move only towards that direction. Then, use the same brush to blur the edge of your highlight to have a smooth, seamless application.


Using the Chikuhodo’s best, highest grade squirrel hair, finishing brushes from Chikuhodo will create a natural, radiant look with ease.
This is the last, finishing touch of your makeup. Take a finishing brush with nothing on, and just gently buff your entire face, removing any excess powder and product.


Using the lip brush will help you easily create a flawlessly defined lip. It gives you precise control over the drawing
Draw an outer line of your lip with your lip brush, and then fill the inside using short stroke and tapping motion.


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